Established in 1992

Programs & Activities

Vocational Training

The YWCA of Byblos expanded its vocational training project for the benefit of women and youth who have been deprived of higher education and technical training. Each year, over four hundred students benefit from free computer classes, and are enrolled in English Language, make-up and beauty care sessions, in addition to drawing and embroidery skills.

By availing them of this opportunity, the YWCA paves the way to gainful employment that ensures their livelihoods and support for their families.

The success of this training program is enriching the membership at Byblos YWCA whereas many of the participants, after being introduced to the YWCA programs and activities, choose to join the youth group or the adult membership. 

Membership Activities are held on regular basis for volunteer adults and young women who are involved in organizing recreational programs for children of the deprived income class.

The Young Women's Group is very active in raising funds and distributing yearly Christmas food baskets for needy families in the Jbeil Neighborhood.  

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Women and Development Fund (World YWCA) 

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