Established in 1968

Training Programs were initially geared to Palestinians, at rented quarters near Ain el Helwé refugee camp. These included literacy, sewing, basic secretarial skills, home economics, and first aid. The programs were administered in partnership with the government office of Social Development, benefiting an average of 500 annually.

New Quarters were bought and equipped for accredited Vocational Training in 1983, with financial support from the YWCA of Canada and CIDA development programs. Secretarial training, accounting and language instruction graduated close to 90 young women yearly, equipped for well earning jobs.

Community Services included a day care, weekly nutritious meals and medical check-ups for undernourished children; a knitting and sewing workshop for women needing to support their families and weekend youth clubs.

In 1985 the Center had its share of destruction and loss from military clashes in the area and activities were interrupted.

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