National Priorities: Say No To Violence

Shelter for Abused and Destitute Women
In view of its commitment towards the elimination of all forms of violence, the National YWCA of Lebanon established a much needed shelter for victims of family violence. Destitute women are assisted to end the cycle of violence in their lives for themselves and for their families. The shelter offers them refuge, counseling and a lasting solution to family or social abuse. During their stay, some of the beneficiaries are enrolled in vocational training programs at YWCA centers to equip them for employment towards financial self- sufficiency, while others are assisted to find suitable jobs.

Non Violence Campaign
The YWCA of Lebanon was the first Lebanese NGO to launch a non-violence campaign, calling for the active participation of all community members in preventing all forms of violence in society towards the development of a safe social environment by way of:

Conducting gender-awareness and non-violence workshops at schools and YWCA centers to promote tolerance, gender equity, and respect for human rights among young people. The workshops are youth-friendly and youth-led. They provide an empowering space to discuss gender issues and social structures, as well as to understand the scope of violence against women and develop the means for intervention.

Providing workshops for teachers of the KG and elementary levels on conflict resolution skills and early detection of physical or sexual abuse of children who are under their care.

Conflict Resolution and Awareness
Building Workshops for Women and Youth

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